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"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by Sir
Frank Dicksee

You are a romantic and an
idealist. You are highly imaginative and
creative. Your personality is not full of
exceptional courage or strength, but instead
you exude a quiet will, soft and yet
determined. You may be somewhat quiet,
softspoken, and reserved, but your mind is
always racing, full of wondrous new ideas and
thoughts. You are loving and generous. Selfless
you will always give to others before
considering yourself. When you find that
special someone you will shower them in love
and stay with them until death.

Which beautiful pre-Raphaelite painting represents you? (9 beautiful photos)
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УПД. В чем-то это даже устрашающе :::
УПД-УПД. А вон там еще красивее:
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