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Batzilla the Bat

Batzilla the Bat

The world can sometimes feel like a dark and inhospitable place but then you run across people like Alisha whose compassion once more gives you hope.
Alisha was driving home last night when she heard a loud thump. She quickly stopped her car and jumped out to see what she had hit.
Batty Miss Alisha was laying on the road so human Alisha who knew not to touch, covered her with a box before calling for help.
When Mr Batzilla and I arrived, Alisha was waiting patiently with her car parked in front of the box so no other vehicles would run over the precious contents.
There are a few rescue scenarios that make me cringe when Keith the phone coordinator calls and one of them is a vehicle strike as the outcome is usually poor.
However, on this occasion we have a happy outcome and with no broken bones and only a slight concussion, Miss Alisha will spend a short time in care before being released back to her colony.
Thank you so much Alisha......if only there were more people like you in the world. <3
Any flying-fox by itself through the day is in trouble.
Don't touch but please call 0488 228 134 for Brisbane and surrounding districts.
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